15th April 2014


So bailed out on the other story

Before I get too disappointed with myself I’m going to start another one right now tonight. We’ll see how it goes. Lets take bets on when I’ll bail out on this one XD 

It’s not that I can’t commit to it. It’s that while writing I realized I screwed up on it and I don’t deserve to write it any more and all motivation goes to 0  

Here’s to the new one. I don’t have a name for it so it’ll be some generic name like Unknown 1 or UnNamed 1 
we’ll see

13th April 2014

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why do greek gods have to fuck up so much shit god damn just stay on your mountain and eat your fucking ambrosia and leave people alone

and stop having sex with things you are not supposed to have sex with

we’re all looking at you here zeus


Too bad Zeus didn’t think to invent condoms. Shoulda asked the Trojans.


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13th April 2014

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5th April 2014

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26th February 2014


Writing is hard D:

Ugh this story is hard to get back to writing 

18th February 2014


I haven’t forgotten this.

Still working on the first one. Although I’m having regrets XD

17th February 2014



So I don’t know why I’m going so cliche. But I couldn’t figure out how to start a story but then my mind wandered and I landed on something that my mind keeps going back to. This stories inspiration starts the story the rest goes into story land. 

16th February 2014

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I’ve always been able to be pulled into stories. I’ve always loved the escape they give but mostly I love the way everything that can happen and the direction can go wherever but you’re following a path that person writes and you don’t know for sure where it’s going to go.

I myself prefer happy endings but life doesn’t end that way. We read to escape but also to experience someones way of seeing life. I want to write but I am not a writer, I’ve failed english (twice), I’ve tried to write before and destroyed any copy I could find out of embarrassment, and I will judge my self harsher than you will but I want nothing but true honest opinions on anything I write. I can’t get better if I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

I’m doing this to get better at writing before writing the big story in my head that’s been there for a while. I figure why not let this be something people can share. All I ask is credit the stories I write. If they make it big (which I highly doubt but one can have hopes lol) I’d like to make something out of it so I can continue to do whatever it is I do.

Cursing, Sex, and other probably taboo subjects will be on here. It’s not going to be tasteless this is going to be short stories but people have sex, they swear, they are religious, gay, flawed and most of all human. The sex won’t be just for sex sake, and it won’t go too far unless it’s plot related.